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Jeanmarco, Part 1: Eight recs

anonymous — untitled (T)
Reiner and Eren, annoyed at Jean for having started yet another brawl, get back at him by tying him to his bedposts with his Gear straps just before dinner, then leaving him there. Marco wanders in and finds him, and unties him… or at least he starts to.
Marco hummed thoughtfully before his hands reached forward to what seemed to the first knot to untie. When his hand brushed against Jean’s stomach Jean jerked away with a yelp. Marco blinked.

“Jean, are you ticklish?”

“Of course not!” There was a pink blush across the usually cocky face, and the way Jean’s eyes darted around nervously was so uncharacteristic of him that Marco couldn’t stop smiling.

“Hey, it’s fine, being ticklish isn’t a weakness. Many people are, I’m just curious where your most ticklish spot is.”
As one of the commenters says, it’s quite hot given how indirect it is. Also, the ending’s funny. 1,069 words.

ragnarokstar — “Open Arms” (E)
Marco watches Jean fuck himself with a dildo and praises him.
Jean bites his lip. He’s getting frustrated. Marco doesn’t necessarily enjoy tormenting his boyfriend, but, god, this. This is something else. Marco knows that when Jean gets close, his brain gets too confused to keep it up as hard and fast as he needs to come, keeping him on a frustrating plateau. He wants to see that. And Jean wants to show him.
982 words.

anonymous — “Your Turn” (E)
Marco survived Trost and now holds down a desk job. When Jean is off on a mission, the two of them write each other erotic letters.
We’re both pretty drunk by now and I’m feeling brave, so I go slip off that eye patch. It’s just us, you don’t need it. I think you look fine without it. You close your eye and I run my fingers along the edge of the scars- up by your eyebrow, down the side of your face and across your lip. You shiver even though we’re right next to the fire. I know you’re feeling self-conscious and shit since you’re used to people trying not to stare, so I kiss where your right eye was. You start to protest, all “Jean-” and stop when you feel my hand on your ass. I bet it’s getting nice and soft at that cushy desk job of yours. I ask you “How about it?” and you only need a little squeeze to convince you, like: “Yeah. Okay.” You swallow hard at the way my fingers dig in just a tiny bit and I think you’re blushing, it’s hard to tell because it might be the fire and it might be the drinking. I reach back further, back to the seam of your pants and press a few fingers against it. Right where it’s nice and sensitive under your balls. I bet you’d like that. I’ve got that one hand back there and I hold onto your hip with the other one, keeping you nice and close while I grind mine up. “Bet I don’t even need to get you out of your clothes to get you off,” I say next to your ear like it’s a secret even though we’re alone. Not that I don’t like it when it’s just us, skin on skin. That’s awesome. Hell, it’s better than awesome. I’ll do that in the next letter, if you don’t do it first. This time, I want to see if I can get you to come from how badly you want me to touch you.
997 words.

100demons — “(you + me) - everyone else =” (E)
Jean isn’t paying attention in class. He’s watching Marco chew on his lower lip and imagining his mouth elsewhere. Much later, in the shower, he decides to relieve the tension… and that’s when Marco realizes he’s left his soap in the same stall. After the initial “oops” moment, Jean blurts out, “You’re welcome to stay,” and doesn’t expect Marco to take him up on it — but he does.
Marco hums and licks his hands, spitting on his palms and rubbing them together. Jean nearly comes from the sight.

“Tell me if you want to stop,” Marco says and Jean’s about to retort that if Marco ever got around to starting, maybe he’d have a chance to say so, but by then Marco’s hands are wrapped around Jean’s dick and all the words fly out of his head.
1,605 words.

yukine — “What It Almost Was” (E)
Sex in a barn. It was release. It was just release, for both of them. Anything other than that simple sentiment would complicate things. But it was dangerously close to more than that, for it being nothing. 5,874 words.

anonymous — “lecture time” (E)
Marco lectures Jean about picking fights; Jean distracts him with sex. Marco is wonderfully dominant.
“Whoa, someone’s eager,” comes the breathless reply to his actions and Jean snarls, never ceasing on riding the fingers.

“You’re being slow, I can’t—, ah, Marco just fuck me already you’re wasting time—,” his words dissolve into a hard moan when Marco shoves his fingers in deeper and even adds a third, his movements a little jerky.
1,877 words.

flecksofpoppy — “Palmistry” (M)
Marco is fascinated with Jean’s hands: first, because they’re softer than his; then, because they harden. He’s traded in the softness of Trost for the stealthiness of survival, and there’s something so compelling and clever about his fingers now, that Marco just can’t resist after a while. So he offers to read Jean’s palm one afternoon. The whole thing (780 words) is just brain-sizzlingly hot, especially for a mature-rated fic — and once you’ve read it, check out the very lovely fanart that a Tumblr artist drew of the final scene.

anonymous — “Help, I’m Alive” (E)
Marco survived Trost, scarred and disabled. Jean, who loves him, takes care of him.
One day, Marco gives up, cries because it hurts and it’s hopeless and he’s going to die on the streets anyway so maybe it would have been better if he’d just been eaten –

Jean grips Marco’s hand, kissing his knuckles and squeezing it tight. “Don’t say that,” he snaps, determination settling in his shaking voice, “I won’t let you die like that. I’ll take care of you, and provide for you, and make sure that you’ll never go hungry even after I’m dead.”

And he repeats that again, when Marco leaves the hospital after months of surgery and stitching and physical rehabilitation, he vows it before a priest in clear, crisp daylight as he places a ring on Marco’s shaking finger and kisses him like he’s never loved anyone so much –

He breathes it as he presses his lips to Marco’s sweaty forehead that night, thrusting inside of him, their first time together since Marco got bitten by the titan.
Hot and moving. 2,838 words.