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Welcome! Suggestions, questions, volunteers

This is a place for discussion, fic, art, meta and other topics related to Shingeki no Kyojin and all its spin-off series. Please read the profile page for our rules, and post here with any suggestions, questions or other comments.

We need volunteers for rec posts!
We hope to have a weekly rec post where one or more people choose a selection of works – whether fic, art or meta – that they think are worth reccing. Diversity (characters and ships particularly) is ideal but not necessary. Send me a message if you'd like to be a reccer!

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this comm ain't nothin' but hoes and tricks

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I think it would be reasonable to strongly encourage spoiler and NSFW warnings, since it seemed some people were very averse to actually requiring them.

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Pretty sure you won't get much participation if you don't set up clear guidelines for when a spoiler is a spoiler and needs to be cut, or that gore or porn should go under cuts so people can read the comm without constantly watching their backs.

I know you said over on ffa that you're a fandom novice and you've mostly been participating in kinkmemes, but kinkmeme rules != regular fandom comm rules.
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I recommend advertising this community as widely as possible: tumblr, Facebook, etc. Otherwise it will die due to lack of participation.

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Some places on Dreamwidth where you could promote the comm:

[community profile] fandom_on_dw - Community promo template is on the profile page
[community profile] fandomsecrets - Each post has a promo thread at the top of page 2 in the comments

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this layout is bad. please change it.

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I actually think it looks pretty nice.
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I like the layout, but you may want to consider making hyperlinks a little more distinct from background text.

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Would recs have to be either fic, art or meta?
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Fanart posts?

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I'd actually been thinking about doing fanart posts here. But because the etiquette of posting fanart is a little more complex than that of linking to fics, I thought I'd ask first.

I myself prefer to group recs by theme as well as medium, rather than mix them. On my own LJ I've been doing a series of SnK fanart posts that are appreciations of certain characters with art that's really grabbed me. So far, they've featured Eren, Mikasa, Armin, the Shinganshina Trio, Jean, and Annie (all SFW, though the last one for Annie has a lot of blood in it). I put one image above the cut, the rest below, with number of images and any warnings in the cut text.

What's your and the other admins' opinions on people making such posts here? Would you want the images therein to be all SFW, or would NSFW be okay too? Would you prefer links only, rather than embedded images, given that some artists are touchy about having their art reposted? (Personally I don't get that attitude on a reblogging platform like Tumblr, but I don't get a lot about Tumblr culture.) The downside to this is that many URLs go 404 because the artist changes their handle, or they delete either the post or their entire blog.

Also, what about single images that might spark discussion, including humorous discussion? This one is what prompts me to ask.
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Re: Fanart posts?

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There's a double standard in fandom – copy and pasted fic is almost always seen as not done, though I appreciate that linking a fic and linking art is not the same.

It's because "a picture is worth a thousand words." Trying to convey the image textually is nothing like trying to convey it visually. That said, I get what you're saying. The solution might be to post a thumbnail of one portion of the image, but, again, it's not something I'd do without permission.

Given, though, that it would take much more coordination to post fanart than fanfic with proper respect, I might hold off on such a project for now. Here's a different question, based on comments in the Ch. 58 thread: How about a series of discussion posts about various characters and their characterizations, with one character per post? Kind of like what [personal profile] naoto_fuyumine is suggesting here, but not only for Historia? The pacing of the posts would be up to you and the other mods.
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Might want to consider heavier tagging for better sorting. I just put up a post with tags for, in addition to work type (fic), which was already there, fic type (various), pairing (various), creator (me), rating (explicit), and warning (one noncon, one underage).

I have a comm of my own (it's pretty dead so I'm not bragging) for which I borrowed the tagging conventions of the LJ comm for Eagle fandom. Might be helpful...?
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Just checking to make sure, but would it by okay if I started a discussion post centered around one character? I've been thinking about making one for Historia, but I figured that I'd ask beforehand.