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WEEKLY META: Annie Leonhart

A different character or plot/setting point will be posted each week for meta discussion. This week: 

Annie Leonhart!

Discussion can be on anything, so long as it's at least tangentially related to the weekly topic. Reply to the first comment to vote on what next week's topic should be. 

Spoilers should be warned for, but are allowed. Creating your own posts on whatever meta you wish, your own or reccing someone else's, is still highly encouraged.

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How about a change of pace - instead of characters, let's talk about the setting? Geographic as well as historical?

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I like how the quality of Isayama's art goes up whenever he draws Annie.

(Anonymous) 2014-07-22 01:50 pm (UTC)(link)
Yeah, she's one of the characters he's always drawn best. It's not quite as obvious now that she's been off the page for a long time and he's improved at drawing everyone else.

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Annie is a character we still don't know all that much about, but I believe that similarly to Reiner, her downfall was due to her developing genuine affection for some of her classmates.

Ironically, she would also probably never have bonded with Eren during training if Reiner hadn't provoked her into fighting them which started Eren's admiration for Annie and her interest in him.

Regarding Eren, it does seem like training with him made Annie genuinely happy if we consider that scene where she smiles at the prospect of teaching him her techniques (though I've seen some people argue that it's more because it dragged up some fonder memories of her father).

The seems to be a bit of disagreement over how much or whether Annie is sadistic at all. I think ghostmartyr wrote some interesting meta about that. Though during Stohess, Annie was disturbed by accidentally killing those wall cultists. So at the very least she dislikes killing civilians and people she likes (duh).

My impression is that her cold personality is a natural trait of her, but she's been nevertheless yearning (unconsciousy) for some friends or closeness like every human being and was ill-prepared to keep herself emotionally distant when she finally got that (Eren+Armin).

Regarding Reiner and Bertholt, I get the impression that there might have been some hostility and in-fighting between her and BR. Reiner's attempt to include her into hand-to-hand-combat seemed pretty counter-productive to their plans (since it made Annie socialize) and makes me wonder if his mental health issues were already present even back then.
Plus, Bertholt's look during the end of the SL ceremony always struck me as him not being hopelessly in love but rather feelings abandoned by Annie - I believe that the original plan was that they'd all join the MP together and maybe Reiner's issues was what messed it up. Then again, there's merit to the idea that the split was always planned since it did allow Reiner later on to learn where Eren is in the formation.
Anyway until proven otherwise I have the headcanon that whatever her previous feelings towards BR, Reiner's mental health issues were too much to deal with for both Annie and Bert and she chose to go through with the MP plan but also no longer get involved in BR's drama since Annie felt helpless in the face of Reiner's descent into his solider persona and she chose to kind of "run away" from this responsibility. (The excellent fanfic "Judas Kiss" shares a similar view.)

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Though during Stohess, Annie was disturbed by accidentally killing those wall cultists.

I seem to have missed that, but… maybe she valued wall cultists because they'd been preserving the secrets of the titans. I can't remember her reactions to harm coming to other civilians.

I like ghostmartyr's meta overall, but I disagree with them on the question of Annie's sadism. "Takes pleasure in her competence," specifically in how she uses her enemies' energy and movements against them, does not fully explain to me why she elects to make their deaths as painful and terrifying as possible. At best, I might agree she's not sadistic on the whole but that she is vengeful with sadistic overtones, as a way of making the world her enemy.

I do think you are correct in that, under her natural coldness and her upbringing, there is yearning for closer relationships, as with Reiner. Speaking of Reiner, I rather agree that his attempts to get her to practice hand-to-hand combat with Eren were ill advised, not just for her but for himself and Bertholdt. That said, this may have been caused by immaturity (they were still young to mid-teens) and insecurity. His problems with dissociation didn't seem that strong at that point, although perhaps I should go back and read over his and Bertl's conversations with Eren in the training barracks for hints. (This seems to be one of those canons where you can't re-read enough.)

Thanks for the rec for "Judas Kiss." I need to check that one out.
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Best nose in the series, hands down.

that doesn't count as meta, does it? Alright, I'll try to think of some canon subtext proof for it.