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Title: A Broad Expanse
Pairings/Characters: Levi/Erwin
Rating: NC-17
Summary: Levi likes Erwin’s pecs.
A/N: Mostly inspired by this NSFW fanart, this 4koma about Levi getting turned on by Erwin’s muscles, and this official art where Erwin’s pecs are straining against his shirt. TL;DR I love Erwin’s moobs.
Beta: [personal profile] inkstone
Completed: 8 July 2014
Word count: ~808
Read it at: AO3, DW, Tumblr

The thought makes him bend down again so he can sink his teeth into the meat of Erwin’s chest, hard enough to make more bruises but not break the skin.
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Title: Hanji’s Field Journal: Calculating Rebound Rate of Currency on the Surface of Commander Smith’s Gluteal Muscles (With Annotations by Captain Levi)
Creator: [personal profile] meicdon13
Pairings/Characters: Hanji Zoe, Levi, Moblit Berner, Mike Zacharius, Erwin Smith, the Scouting Legion
Rating: PG
Summary: Hanji attempts to scientifically quantify just how firm Erwin’s butt is.
A/N: I may or may not have a thing for butts. Booties. Badonkadonks. Also, why are non-gendered pronouns not a thing in English this is so frustrating.
Beta: [personal profile] inkstone
Read it at: AO3, DW, Tumblr

“Help me test if a coin can bounce off Commander Erwin’s butt!”
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*nervously posts*

Title: A Day in the Life of the Imaginary Mrs. Smith
Creator: [personal profile] meicdon13
Pairing: none
Rating: G
Summary: The 104th trainees talk about what branch of the military they want to join after graduation. The Scouting Legion is a popular choice.
A/N: I am basically indulging my inner Erwin fangirl. This fic is not meant to be taken seriously.
Read it at: AO3, DW, Tumblr
“Commander Erwin’s got such a broad chest and well-muscled arms.”


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