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Since the comm’s been revived, I thought I’d try to start putting up regular rec posts again. I’ve never done one for Jean/Armin, and I think it’s time, given the increased emphasis in canon on their relationship. Other than “Antiseptic” and “Speechless,” which are rated teen and up, all of these fics are sexually explicit.

anonymous — “Antiseptic”
A short kinkmeme fill in which Armin notices how attractive Jean is while he cleans his wounds for him. No continuation.
Jean’s body is, well, attractive. There’s definition in all the right places, yet a wiry aspect that sends Armin somewhere else for a moment, committing to memory every line, every detail, the smoothness of his stomach down to the thin trail of hair that leads into places Armin had never really thought about until this second.
926 words.

anonymous — “hold yer horses”
Armin and Jean, who are in an established relationship, are on stable duty during mating season. Armin gets turned on by watching a stallion mount a mare. He has to convince Jean that his new fetish has nothing to do with Jean’s face. Both hot and funny. Jean POV. 1,519 words.

anonymous — “misappropriated military equipment”
They’re 19, they’ve both been promoted, they’re in a relationship, and they’re into kink. A military-issue riding crop is involved.
(“You’re misappropriating military equipment, Commander,” Jean had joked. Armin had just looked at him and said, deathly serious, “Would you like me to gag you as well, squad leader Kirschstein?”)
1,881 words.

alienchrist — “Compromises, Compromised”
Futurefic. Jean’s an MP. Armin turns up out of nowhere after three years. There are lies, betrayal, and the remnants of the Survey Corps plotting against the monarchy. A wonderfully bittersweet ending. 6,598 words.

zury (azurezury) — “To the Wall”
Armin is commanding the MPs, Jean the Survey Corps. Armin’s taller — and dominant.
Excerpt )
Rimming, wall sex. 1,628 words.

anonymous — “Beautiful”
After sex, Jean can’t keep from looking at Armin leaking his come, or from lapping it up, despite Armin’s embarrassment. 811 words.

ragnwn — “Feed Me”
Modern laboratory AU with sex pollen.
Armin strokes the flower with his pointer finger, angling it into the light, and snaps a few photos. He gazes at the stamen. What would it feel like, if he brushed against it? What would it taste like? The way it’s sitting there, presenting its sex so patiently, it’s just begging to be touched…
3,017 words.

anonymous — “Speechless”
Jean and Armin are the last of the 104th. As commander, Jean has to send Armin off on a mission that almost certainly will kill him. Armin’s OK with it. Jean, not so much.
“Seems like forever since we’ve just... had a moment,” Armin says. It’s a tranquil dawn—no approaching ground-shaking footsteps, no abrupt traumatizing deaths. The squads behind them rustle quietly, clinks and determined murmurs of soldiers checking straps and gas levels as they prepare for their final mission.

Jean opens his mouth and finds he can’t answer.
Heartbreaking. 824 words.
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Didn't want to spam the comm with four separate posts.

For all four:
Creator: [ profile] island_of_reil
Rating: Explicit

In reverse chronological order...

Title: At Sea
Word Count: 4,107
Archive Warning: Rape/Noncon
Pairing: Tentacle Monster/Armin
Implied Relationship: Eren/Mikasa/Armin
Characters: Armin, Eren, Mikasa
Additional Tags: Tentacle Rape, Tentacle Monsters, Tentacle Dick, Orgasm Delay/Denial, Overstimulation, Ocean, Beaches, Future Fic, Hurt/Comfort, Near-Drowning
Summary: The sea, Armin learns, is also as cruel as it is beautiful.
Prompt Link:

Title: The Nape of His Neck
Word Count: 3,216
Archive Warning: Underage
Pairing: Levi/Eren
Characters: Eren, Levi
Additional Tags: Dubious Consent, Neck Kissing
Summary: Levi accidentally finds out that Eren, due to being a shifter, has an incredibly sensitive neck. Naturally he takes advantage of this.
Prompt Link:

Title: Officer Friendly
Word Count: 4,866
Pairing: Hitch/Armin
Characters: Armin, Hitch, OMC
Additional Tags: Dubious Consent, Chair Sex, Cunnilingus, Sexual Inexperience
Summary: Armin needs a dossier out of MP HQ. Hitch is guarding the archives. "Tell you what, Armin. You give me something I want, I give you something you want."
Prompt Link:

Title: Sweat for It
Word Count: 1,251
Pairing: Levi/Petra
Characters: Levi, Petra
Additional Tags: Plot What Plot/Porn Without Plot, Woman on Top, Topping from the Bottom, Multiple Orgasms, Hypersensitivity, Soreness, Sweat, Hot Weather, Thunder and Lightning, Thunderstorms, Praise Kink
Summary: "You can mow down titans like the Grim Fucking Reaper, you can ride me just a little longer."
Prompt Link:


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