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Discuss chapter 61 (or previous chapters) in this post!

Spoilers can be posted here without warning.


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Some spoiler pics and a as of yet untranslated summary:

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Chapter's out:

yay! a tiny victory!

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I mean things are still deeply, deeply fucked up (what the fuck are you doing, Historia?) but at least. Some things. Are sort of going right?

I know that some people will be disappointed about Erwin's death wish going unfulfilled yet again, but I for one I'm happy we got to see one of his plans coming together after so many chapters of plots going nowhere.

The way Erwin and Pixis went about things was more than a little manipulative, but it did bring the point home that the nobles are assholes and therefore made the plan of overthrowing the government as a whole make a lot more sense, and I liked that Hanji emphasizes that the "revolution" isn't just killing a couple nobles but the summa of a lot of individual choices.

Plus I'm happy that the narrative is finally justifying my fondness for Niles Dawk. And the kids partying when they get the news that things went according to plan! Jean fistbumping Marlowe! Aww.

And now I'm beginning to think this chapter is a little hope spot that will be followed by another barrage of sadness and hopelessness and blood and death. Oh well.

Re: yay! a tiny victory!

(Anonymous) 2014-09-12 02:45 am (UTC)(link)
It's not that I'm sad to see Erwin survive. It's more that he was carrying so many deathflags that I am not exactly sure whether his survival feels right from a narrative standpoint.

I think your last paragraph is correct, unfortunately. It's been pointed out in other meta that Isayama likes to follow up something hopeful and positive with something really, really bad. In this case, that would make perfect narrative sense, seeing how far the story has yet to go and how many loose ends remain.

As for Historia, I fear that she's been mindwiped or otherwise brainwashed. Her eyes look absolutely dead in that last panel.

Re: yay! a tiny victory!

(Anonymous) 2014-09-13 06:25 am (UTC)(link)
I don't think Historia has been mind wiped. I'm pretty sure the royal family is so eager for Eren because they somehow lost the last person in their ranks who possessed the coordinate/mindwiping ability (probably the mystery woman). Basically, they' ve grown really weak and the SL is not yet aware of just how much.

If the royal family still had the mind wiping ability they probably would have used it by now. The thing those government dudes were holding out for was probably that Eren gets eaten by someone loyal to them and then they can beat Pixis and Erwin plus their followers with a mass mindwipe.