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Name:Shingeki no Kyojin | Attack on Titan
Posting Access:Anybody
Community description:Shingeki no Kyojin fandom discussion, fic and art

Shingeki no Kyojin | Attack on Titan

Hi! Welcome to the Shingeki no Kyojin community, where any content directly related to SNK or its spin-off series is allowed. Please read and follow these ground rules:

Posting rules
• content warnings (e.g. for spoilers, underage, non-con, incest and character death) are highly recommended but not mandatory
• try to keep to the standard post format shown below, including use of headers, tags (try to use existing tags but feel free to create your own if needed) and the main bulk of the content behind a cut
• cuts for NSFW and spoilers (latest chapter) are required
• character/ship bashing and other hate will be frozen or deleted
• member-lock all media downloads

• if wanting to include spoilers in posts, provide warnings for a 'choose not to warn' recs, or otherwise have hidden but available content, white-out text can be used (though is not mandatory):
[<font color="white">hidden text</font>] which gives: [hidden text]

Standard post format - categories may be added or removed as needed
Contents: (e.g. kinks, tropes, warnings)
Spoilers for:
Summary: (or thumbnails, or a single piece of sfw art, if posting multiple)


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