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Noncon/dubcon, part 1: Nine recs

All of these fics are sexually explicit and involve rape or, at the very least, dubious consent. Some involve abuse of power by superiors, humiliation, mindfuck, beating, guro, other injuries, body betrayal, shame, and/or self-loathing. Please proceed with caution if you have triggers for such topics.

alienchrist — "Bully"
Mutual noncon between Jean (whose POV the fic is in) and Armin. A tense confrontation in the shower over Jean's interactions with Eren and Mikasa turns violent. Jean attempts to rape Armin, but Armin gets the upper hand. Jean understood the curve of Armin's mouth was actually the sharp edge of a blade poised at his neck. Face punching, blackmail, forced blowjob, bukkake. 1,881 words.

anonymous — "Hauling the Weapon"
Unrestricted third-person POV. Based on A Choice With No Regrets, but with Levi in his late teens. He tries to kill Erwin, who punishes him by ordering Mike to fuck him. While this isn't the first time Erwin's had a cadet so punished, it was definitely the first time Erwin enjoyed it … And from his face, Levi knew it. And puts on a show for Erwin, who gives into temptation and joins in. Despite everything (including humiliation by bukkake), the fic ends with promise of future, consensual Eruri. 3,888 words.

ChromaticHabit — "Straw House"
It had taken humanity some getting used to, the realization that homes were not bastions of safety and security. Jean takes shelter in one nonetheless. He scouts the surrounding area first for signs of titans and finds none. Titans aren't what harms him. Painful and sad, with realistically creepy and surreal details, but with a hopeful ending. 4,435 words.

anonymous — untitled
[W]hat could ever hope to overcome one of the strongest recruits the Military Police had ever received? The answer is not one near anyone would have guessed. At night, Armin slips into Annie's room at MP headquarters and, with nothing more than a gentle touch and mocking words, makes her plead and whimper, in spite of herself and her hatred of him. Purely psychological D/s, without painplay, bondage, or "props"… and quite hot, if dark!Armin is something you like. 1,174 words.

Anarhichas — "The Only Survivors"
Based on a prompt inspired by a different fill by Anarhichas (also quite good), in which a pair of civilians tie up Armin, gag him, and leave him as titan bait while they make their escape. In this fic, the male half of the pair rapes Armin before he and his sister abandon him, because he expects to die and he wants to get off one last time. Graphic, realistic detail, with a lot of physical pain, as well as shame — especially when Eren finds Armin. 3,184 words.

anonymous — "Examination"
Hanji, who is nonbinary in this fic, is examining Eren medically… or at least that's their rationale. It starts with them massaging that sensitive spot on his nape, and goes on from there. Eren's completely mortified, not the least by how all of it turns him on. POV is mostly his but sometimes Hanji's. Handjob, then prostate stroking, then strap-on fucking, with Hanji kinking on how young Eren is. 4,241 words.

ohheichoumyheichou — "Annie Succeeds" (now updated with AO3 link)
Canon divergence in which the Female Titan, whose human identity nobody knows, successfully abducts Eren. She tears off his clothes and begins to lick him — stopping only when he closes his eyes to pretend none of this is happening, begging him to open his eyes and consent to this horrible thing happening to him. After he comes, she rapes him with her finger (there's guro). When she needs to flee with him to escape the Survey Corps, she shoves him into, well, an anatomical place nobody thought a titan could have. Eren's body betrayal and humiliation are quite well wrought. 1,990 words.

anonymous — "Cherry bonbons"
Jean, deeply traumatized and left insomniac by the Battle of Trost, is molested in his own bed by an older, physically powerful soldier who sweet-talks him and caresses him and promises to buy him things. Exhausted and terrified, Jean doesn't fight back, and he hates himself for it. Body betrayal, shame, rationalization. 5,474 words.

noero - "Discretion"
A dark!Erwin WIP, with 3 chapters posted so far. Levi and Eren are a couple. Erwin sends Levi into the city on an errand, then makes Eren a proposition:
"Levi will do anything I order him to do." Erwin says when he finally speaks. His voice is no longer cordial but heavy and foreboding. It’s the voice of a Commander, a voice that brokers not a single misunderstanding. A sinking feeling fills Eren's gut and he fights the urge to run, his body tense and ready. He flinches when Erwin's hand lands on his knee. "How about I make a deal with you?" Eren looks back up at him, worry evident on his face. "If you agree to always do as I say, I'll make sure Levi stays safe."
Body betrayal, guilt, and repercussions to Eren and Levi's relationship. Emotional reactions on both their parts are finely rendered. 10,965 words so far.